Endless Inspiration: Plants on Film

When not drawing flowers, I can often be found photographing them. 

I've done this habitually for years, ever since my mum dug out her film camera at handed it to me at the age of 18. Each image serves as an anchor in the timeline of my various explorations, and brings me back, viscerally to the days on which they were taken. More than the images themselves, I remember the feeling, who I was with, what I was doing. 

Lavender in my parents garden


I love film for it's permanence, to receive a set of physical images in the place of a million digital, is something that I have taken comfort in, and found meaning in among the noise.

Botanic Gardens of Barcelona

Barcelona, Botanic Gardens 


ALSO, they provide endless inspirations for colour, and serve as a pre-made bank of imagery for when I'm looking at my next subject matter.. 


Palms & Succulents - Ponta Delgada

Palms & Succulents, Ponta Delgada


Fireweed & Foxgloves - Scotland

Fireweed & Foxgloves, Scotland





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